Looking for Moze Bloodletter

I have a packed inventory and vault and I’m constantly farming more. I’m looking primarily for lvl 50 bloodletter and deathless class mods for Moze. Even online I can’t seem to get these to drop. Let me know what you’re looking for.

Edit: I’ll throw a list up of most of my stuff. I’m willing to trade multiple items for the class mods. Everything listed is Legendary and level 50.

Defrauding Crossroad (Corrosive)
Trick Unforgiven (Anointed Moze)
Hyper focus XZ41 (Anointed Moze Gunner)
Binary Mocking Cutsman (Anointed Moze Gun)
Resolute Lyuda
Molten Infinity
Gratifying Devils Foursum
Burning Vulgar Alchemist
Hazardous Kill o the Wisp
Cash-Infused B*tch
Oozing Gratifying Roisen’s Thorns
Itchy Echo (Anointed +100% melee Radiation)
Storming Vicious Lyuda (Electric)
Bountiful Destructo Spinner (Anointed Corros)
Deft Barrage
Double Penetrating Breeder
Stimulating Scourge (Electric)
Ruby’s Wrath
Compressing Destructo Spinner (Corrosive)
Tamed Warlord
Speedloadn Hellwalker (Anointed)
Unending Magnificent
Shredded Scourge
Disciplined Star Helix
The Boring Gun

Straw Man Stop-Gap
Insulated Stop-Gap
Health Re-Router
Resonant Back Ham
Stimulant Rectifier (Anointed)
Extremophiles Front Loader
Sentinel Re-Charger
The Transformer
Pot Shot Red Card

Caustic Coast Otto Idol
Cryo Stone Safeguard
Ice Breaker Rocket Boots
Last Stand Splatter Gun
Grave × 2
Loot Expanding Launch Pad

Grenade Mods:
Generator Tran-fusion Tracker × 2
Stormfront × 2 (1 impact 1 lobbed)
Tina’s Hippity Hopper

Character Mods:

Moze -
Blood Sucking Charitable Blast Master
+1 Pull the Holy Pin, +1 Redistribution, +3 Vampyr
Up to 100% Splash Damage
+29% Splash Dam + 30% Nade Dam +20% Incendiary Resist

Booming Reinforced Bear Trooper
+2 Explosion Punctuation, +1 Grizzled, +2 Stainless Steel Bear
Fuel Use -50% Iron Bear Dueation +50%
+45% Hyperion Weapon Crit Dam
+30% Nade Dam
+25% Jakobs Reload Speed


Man-Eater Bounty Hunter
+2 Blue Tree Shark , +2 Red tree eagle, +1 Red tree skull in money
Fl4k 3% chance to activate any purchased Hunt Kill Skill when dealing gun damage.
Bosses now treated as Humans, Beasts, and Robotics for Fl4ks Hunt Skills.
+20% Corrosive Resistance
+36% Shield recharge rate
+50% Tediore Weapon Accuracy


Volatile Nimbus
+1 Blue tree skull on banner, +4 red tree revolving orbs
Whenever Amara first damaged an enemy with her action skill creates damaging cloud of action skill element on location
Cloud Damage +25/sec
+31% SMG Damage
+149 Health Regen
+25% Vladof Weapon Reload Speed

I have blood letter for moze level 50. I am after rad hex grenade, one pump anoited, lyunda anoited if you have

I have a few Lyudas none anointed though. I haven’t come across a hex in awhile but I’ve recently changed up where I’m farming. I’ll let you know if I find something you’re looking for. Thanks!

I have a reaccuring rad hex and an anointed cryo reaccuring hex. And ice breaker deathless and blood letter and every element of the lyudas 3 anointed lyudas for gunner Zane and amarha. Looking for Zane class mods with great like really great rolls for secondary perks or a anointed flakker for damage increase after action skill.

Do you have any of these?

Radiation Barrage w/ zoom
Incendiary or radiation Warlord w/ zoom
Incendiary or Radiation Kaos w/ zoom
Legendary shield with over 15K capacity

I have both a bloodletter and deathless artifact to trade.

Seems you have a lot of good stuff. Class mods seem to be a major issue. So far I’ve only got 1 legendary class mods for Flakk and 1 bombardier for Moze. I’ll keep an eye out for you.

Well crap. I did have an incendiary kaus with zoom but I got rid of it. I think I got it from going offline and farming the jabbermogwai at the voracious canopy on Eden 6.

I have a molten infinity pistol I could trade. I have a lot I could trade, but this guy stands out a bit.