Looking for moze's 4 takedowns

Ok I am searching for a very specific kyb’s worth (shock, 44 magazine, x2 and 125% incendiary damage) so to up the chances I’m looking to get a team of moze’s together. I am Australian so players in other countries I’m happy to join your server therefore I’m the one with lag which I’m used to as I play online with Americans every day anyways. So please if anyone else here is to the same way of thinking as myself feel free to add me on psn bizkit8369 just put in the fr moze takedown. I am on Mic to so happy to chat while we play prefer it actually to help coordinate attacks and revives.

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I’m Aussie. Add me I’m NeonSherpa if you’re on psn.

Added you bro

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I’m not on PSN but just an FYI the kybs can actually come with a 48 mag. 44 Is good too though of course

Yeah the 48 is the x3 though variant is it not? I’m only after the x2 as I’m trying to maintain constant fire and not reload, unless the 48 comes in x2 as well?

Oh good question - I’m not sure if the x2 comes in 48. I would think so but I’m not 100% sure

I got that roll, but with Corrosive/Incendiary, very fun weapon good luck with the farm!

I’m having anything but luck lol that being said if anyone wants stark krakatoas, expert asmd’s or destructo spinners let me know coz it’s all wotan the maliwan ■■■■■■■■ loves giving me

I have a shock/corrosive in 37 mag, still keeps up as long as you have 40% mags