Looking for multiple items

I am looking for a barricade recharger, also elemental flakkers, cloning ghost call, laser sploders all elements, Faisor all elements except ice. kings call both elements, and queens call i have radiation Would like to tmdupe them if you are willing to.

Would prefer them to be anoited for moze but wull take non anointed.

I have cocky & burning anointed flakkers. I have all variation ghast call grenade. & some laser sploders.

Do you have an anointed front loader shield with a terror anointment or other?

I have a fire flakker and some other moze items i can send you. Im looking for a lvl 50 red suit shield, atom balm idols, gamma burst roisen thorns and Pestillence, any would do, gamma burst anointed pestilence would be god roll.

I do not think i have any of that… i do have reoccurring hex anoited rad and i believe shock… it could be cryo not sure on the shock or cryo

closed at OP request