Looking for MY EARS ARE RINGING head

Hi guys. I played Borderlands 2 on ps3 and Krieg was my main, my favourite character and MY EARS ARE RINGING is my favourite head. The reason I got a ps4 was because my ps3 became corrupt and I lost all my saves so I can’t bring my old krieg back.

However, I was so excited to get the handsome colletion to start over with krieg again but I am missing my favourite head!

If anyone has it and wants to trade for it or give it away, please add me on psn: CheaterMcCheat

Thank you!

Bump 10 chars

Still looking.

Been farming d20 chests all week, seriously, does nobody have this?

I have it I believe sitting in my vault, got it yesterday. I do have a Krieg character myself, but never use him. I’m OP8 siren/Zero. What do you have in return?

bro.i found acode offnet and got this head

Yup, look for ps3 shift code, it still works on ps4