Looking for my unicorn

I have farmed relentlessly since I hit 53 and simply cannot get this to drop for me at all.

I’m still rocking a 50 Maggie with 300% phaseslam anoint. (still kicks bottom) Though i wish for the best one.

Anyone willing to trade or share would be great, I have been saving a bunch of things for trade if its needed.

GT: Alcoholistair

I have one but it’s one that I use all the time. It’s definitely a rare drop.

If I get another one to drop I’ll let you know. I’ve been looking for a Phasecast 250% one with no luck.

Thanks for the reply.

I have a few different ones, but not sure about that one.

I’ll check when I log on this evening.


I have your Maggie, do you have any Zane gear? Looking for anything with the sntnl 100 anoint…

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Well shiver me timbers…

Why yes, yes I do.

Ill be logging in in the next hour or two and give you a rundown of what I have.


don’t have a phasecast maggie sorry.

The only 53 anointed ones I have are 75% radiation damage and 5% damage on kill stacking.

I do have a few other phasecast items if there is anything else you are looking for including a carrier, night hawkin and a cutsman, then hit me up.

I thought I had more but may have junked them sorry.

The only 100% cryo sntnl is a 53 duelling unforgiven.

I also have a 53 corrosive lucians call with 130% digi-clone.

If they are of any interest, let me know,


Back to the grind, I’ll hang on to any sntnl cryo stuff I find.

I’ll mail you the maggie, if u find something interesting for Zane, a kybs or redistributor your not using send it my way…otherwise enjoy!


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I thank you very much.

I don’t currently have a Zane so all I find is yours.

You’re now at the top of my “nice” list.

No worries! I don’t use the siren, so anything that I think looks good I can send your way as well!

Awesome, cheers.

Thanks for that. I sent all I had found .

Itching to try that redistributor.

Your welcome, I’d rather have someone use that gear than leave it on the ground…I’m still trying to improve my gear, so if I get anything cool for amara I’ll send it your way…