Looking for new battle buddies

KungFu Cow99 and i (SuperSmokingSpy) are looking for some new people to join us in our battle buddie squad! “Cause we lonley” We play mostly pvp but do break away to play some pve every once and a while. Send us a message so we can get to know you over a few games. Must have a mic cause communication is key B-)

I’m on 130 am est cause third shift sat sun 12-8 but on regular mon to Tues off TG Cruzado Xbox one

Hit me up gt choosingaverage

Add me. Megatronus83. I’m all all day every day lol

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Stroker85 Level 35 right now using Melka.

I’m always up for a game, feel free to add/friend me, same name as here: Gunsmoke1084
I typically play Boldur, Montana or Klesse, but slowly learning everyone. I’m in desparate need of an all Eldrid team for my Boldur lore challenge. solo and duo doesn’t work, I think it has be all 5 team members. :frowning: