Looking for new 'friends'

(Lone Yukon1165) #1

Looking for co-op players on Vita…add me up @ LoneYukon1165


sent you a fr in case something goes wrong you can find me on PSN @ UNLO4D3D247

(Kubamarciniak99) #3

Hello, I am also looking for friends. Add me: McJakub

(Ryueric202) #5

i can add some of you i need some help farming some invincibles

(Ryueric202) #6

Can anyone here help me by giving a few legndaries

(Anechyp) #7



If u add me on psn at Kursed_Kaos I can give u tons of legendaries

(Nightk1973) #9

i need help with invincibles psn nightk1234

(epicdietz) #10

i could use some help pferable op 80 perople to power level my pyco please

(Kb1hzm) #11

Just got the vita with borderlands yesterday looking for some friends to play with


(Stevenslender123) #12

Psn: StevenSlender123, got all characters lv61 so…

(Alilami2004) #13

Add me psn aliarif2004

(Alilami2004) #14

Add me , aliarif2004 ** **

(No longer caustic!) #15

This is an old, old thread.

(Aliarif2004) #16

Yes I know but anyone want to help me and play with me , psn aliarif2004

(Assail Purge Eviscerate ) #17

Hate to beat a dead horse,psn APE-160 if anyone still plays from here. 61 mechro