Looking for new gear :)

Im looking for a lvl 72 double penetrating unkempt herald and a lvl 72 norfleet if you have them :))
PSN: MicrowavedMyBaby

I have a both. DPUH with Torgue grip and Jakobs sight. Which element Norfleet do you want? PS ID KDE676.

do you have shock and corrosive? Also i found a DPUH already

I do. I never tried the shock norfleet but my experience with that type in general is killing myself way more often than with other elements. Rocket launchers anyway. If we’re both online at the same time, join my game and I’ll drop the launchers.

I wouldnt mind a level 72 Norfleet if you still have one. I am running a Mecro so I am having trouble getting essential gear like Norfleet and Twister.