Looking for new Xbox one friends

Just looking for new friends to play bl2.
Axton op8
Sal op8
Zero 55
Kreig 35
Maya 20

I do have one request for anyone interested; please don’t ask me to power level. If you want help that’s no problem. If you’re slightly under leveled no big deal. I’m not gonna spend all day at the beat down bar power leveling ppl. BOOORING! Insert best torgue voice impersonation

Secondly, I don’t mind trading gear.

I just need some ppl to run and gun, shoot and loot, and smash some raid bosses.

GT. getmused

add my gt frixity i have an op 8 commando and a lvl 54 sal im in the process of lvling

Op 8 sal
Add me
Gt: partialprawn079

Trying help me get to op 8 from 6

Add me GT is Purple Haze 302
72 on all classes except op3 psycho

Add me LenzCrafter802 anyone and every one

Recently started, I just have a 35 Gaige atm, but looking to increase that. Add me Iceddarkkaos

I’ve started a few days ago, add me: