Looking for Night Hawkin Gamma Burst Anointment and Red suit

Hi there. I’ve been farming for a red suit shield and a night hawkin with a gamma burst anointment , but I have been unlucky so far. It’s kinda making me go crazy. Is there anyone willing to help me out or trade?

I have anointeds, class mods, or artifacts to trade. Whatever you need let me know, and I’ll see if I have it.

I may have a red suit laying around you have any good cryo Zane gear or grenades?

I have a cryo shreddifier, but I don’t think it’s anointed. I also have a cryo mirv hex. I can look to see if I have anything else cryo once I get home in a bit.

@Novalord6214 I also have a cryo double penetrating laser sploder

Add me on psn @novalord6214

Did you get you red suit? I have a backfre red suit, looking for Luciens Call.