Looking for Norfleet or Butcher

I have always wanted a norfleet because i never had the chance to farm verm. And farming for the Butcher is a hard process

what level?

72 or at least 71.

Would you like anything in return?

What is your psn? I have norfleet at 72 but not butcher, (it is op8).

Do you have “natural selection annex” / creature slaughter dome? You can exit and save quit there so you don’t have to run all the way through w.e.p. everytime while farming llm there.

Sadly I am not at OP8. But i should work on it. thank you for the offer. my PSN is Dalek_Orc

I can get you to OP 8 quickly if you like, just add me at WarmishFlame if you’re interested.