Looking for norfleet

Looking for a norfleet have legendary’s to trade for it lv14-sidewinder striker,lv40 the bee,op2 double penetrating unkemp Harold,lv50 basic omen,lv69 dippity Tunguska, lv61 practicable butcher,lv69 large bunny,lv72 consummate hellfire,lv63 rightsizing bitch,lv61 balanced slagga,lv61 double penetrating unkempt Harold,lv72 law pistol and order shield combo,lv71 legendary Titan class mod,lv71 legendary berserker class mod,lv70 legendary psycho class mod,lv69 legendary hunter class mod,lv63 legendary berserker class mod,lv72 sticks homing bonus package, and lv72 flame of the firehawk Gamer tag is: kordot

Gt Bluebandit76 I’ll trade u for the hunter class mod