Looking for North America PC(Steam) players for Advanced Campain missions


Really annoying that there is no Advanced Public Queues…

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Level 61 willing. (Wisecarver on Steam, PC Windows 7 Ultimate ‘N’ i7 nVidia Gods)
(Cherokee area, connect thru Atlanta)

Add me @AvengedHero97

Lvl 24 wanting to do Hilophage on advanced for Deande hav plenty of time and put the most effort in

Gt is Grub Dunker

…Just did that on a team, what a learning lesson.
The minions are crazy fast, it’s like playing Serious Sam :slight_smile:

Sorry, I just realized I left out a crucial piece of info… so Edited. Looking for PC (steam) players… did some searches for some of you and couldn’t find you. guessing some of you are on consoles…

PM me with your steam name if your interested. or… just search for my name. its very unique so 0 chance of a double being there. For conformation my avatar is Nick from L4D2

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add me on steam as well frostylion712, always looking for a advanced group or pvp team

Add me I’d love to do advanced missions or pvp.
GT: Za Warudo

i’ll join
steam name : Trioshot

I’m up for it if you still need more people. I’m GattlingCombo on steam =)

Add meh

Hi guys, I’m totally down to play, too! Add me on steam – amlochem

Feel free to add me.

White Girls Can’t Even

also lookin for more ppl to group with. :rage:

eep forgot username on steam is sodomizingjesus

We have a group on Steam: Battleborn - Matchmaking Group