Looking for Old God Shields

I’m looking for anointed Old God shields.

Please let me know what you have and what you’re looking for. I have a couple hundred LV 57 items to trade now, so please ask.


Does it matter what anointment the shield has? I think I have two of those

Nah I’m mostly looking to see what everybody has.

Elemental damage ASE
SNTNL movement speed (different than the ones I have)
Iron Bear 75% shields
20% cooldown

Would all be nice though.

I think I have five and 3 are SNTNL movement speed.

I don’t have the second one if could send that one over I’d appreciate it.

what you want for thst first shield?

Do you have any gamma burst or rakk attack gear?

Sent and Thank you!

Got a
Rad soulRender with rakk attack
Shredifier shock rad attack
Star helix gamma burst
Cryo insider with rakk attack
Lob cryo rakk attack
Gamma burst Krakatoa

If any intrest you lemme know

Does the star helix have any element?

Uhh ye cryo

I’ll take it

Cool sending now


Bruh what you looking for I like that first 1

What are you looking for?

Really interested about your first shield in case you have one for me

We’re all gonna fight for it!

Ah looking for good lvl 57 blastmaster coms, 160% splash anointed lobs/kybs worths. X2 quickie rocket launchers with splash/ase anoints. 160% splash nothingness shotguns. Oh a health/mag size pearl of ineffable knowledge or x18 or 20 anarchys with splash anoint

I’ve got the pearl, 2 different 160% Kyb’s, and maybe a decent blastmaster.