Looking for Old God Shields

Welp we lose. :joy::joy::ok_hand:

Well not necessarily haha dont have any of those things?

I probably have 1 kybs worth with Fire/rad but it depends on what Jorge looking for since he got to you first

I can post pics shortly

Not 18 or 20 anarchys at all? And soulrenders with splash ase

Sweet Jorge I messaged you on psn

Or I need a lvl 57 one shotter shield also

Nah just 125 lobs(have one cryo)that 1 kyb worth

And this one blast master

I have a blast master com with wep dmg and shotgun dmg

Yea man I’ll take that blast master and 125 lobs if you want these 5 old gold? Add kirkvisa

Seems Jorge got to you first what did he take?

Well I only have the pearl :frowning:



I’ll trade you something for the second one.

What are you looking for?

Incendiary Boom Sickle ASE 100 or gamma?

Sorry the only incendiary Boom sickle I have is SNTNL cryo.

Anything else?

hi… I have Anointed Carapace Old God, Supercell Old God, Anointed Fresh Battery Old God, Anointed Barricade Old God, Anointed Ironclad Old God and a couple of anointed Gunner Torches…

I am after a Marathon Old God Shield with 17% movement speed speed while shields are full, cheers …