Looking for one pump chump

Looking for 100% weapon damage on ase and 5% weapon damage and reload speed on kill.

I’ve got one with 100% ase. Do you have anything good to trade? Any good class mods for moze amara or fl4k?

Yeah I’ve got some good level 53 mods. Off the top of my head I’ve got a dead eye with 3 in two fang with weapon, crit and shotgun damage. Rakk Pak with weapon, heavy and pistol damage. A bounty Hunter with jakobs crit and reload speed.
I’d have to check for the other characters or a more specific mod tommorow if none of those peaked your fancy.

The r4k p4k and the 2 fang sound really good

Add me. I’ll send it when I hop on shortly.

And are they 53?

I’ve got sntl cryo and gamma burst

Oh that’s sounds very good ! Are you looking for something to trade for those babies ?? :star_struck:

Thanks but those aren’t ones I would like @Adrion54 would definitely use them.

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Yes they are level 53.