Looking for online adds

Just started playing this game again after a few years. It is the only game I play on the PS3 now. Feel free to add me or leave your PSN name and I’ll send you a friend request. I have a level 45 Zer0 and a level 28 commando. Looking to level up and raid bosses. I usually play after 6pm est up until about 11pm. My name on PS3 is K-Dog64. I don’t have a whole lot of legendary items as I’ve been playing solo for a couple weeks but am ready to go online now.

I’ll add you and if we ever have a character the same level I’ll join your game.

I have a couple other characters at lower levels…around 16 and 18. What levels are your characters?

I have a new Acton at lvl 14 and a zero at lvl 23 I think the rest are 72 or OP8

We can join up at any time…I wouldn’t mind power leveling a character or two if you have the time to do so. Weird thing last night…I haven’t had many legendary drops…I think only 2 up to this point, but last night I got 7 in a 3 hour span in tvhm. Does the drop rate go up as you are a higher level (TVHM) or did I just have a spree of good luck?

In tvhm it doesn’t increase so just good luck. But in uvhm.it does. I may be able to power level you a bit. Add me psn: Pooptang

I’ll be on at 5 pm est and send you a FR if you haven’t done so by then. I also have most all DLC except for hammer locks big game hunt…you?

Yeah I should be on around than if not sooner
As for dlc I have all except creature dome

Alright that’s great. Look forward to playing with ya!

Sounds good to me.

Add me up if you’d like! I don’t play much, but have been getting on a bit lately… CAPN_DUKE420

Thanks for the help last night @Piemanlee. I appreciate it.
@dolphgabeler, I’ll send you a FR tonight.

No problem

I’ll be on tonight around 6pm if anyone wants to game drop a message.

I’ll send you a FR tonight.