Looking for online friends To play with

I’m relatively new to borderlands I’ve beaten the campaign but now I want to do it again with other people to get better loot . If interested add me on xbox and send me a message . My gt is halfbreed2597

My gamertag is Jalopeno Carrot, I just got in to work but I usually play every afternoon!

I usually get on around 3 pm eastern time

I’m on at around 6!

add me! lvl 57 dobbleganger

GT: Moist x Panda

Add me GT: jon553. I get on around 6 pm Eastern time. Message me whenever you are online and want to play

Just a heads up, I noticed a few people parking their low ranked characters while I went and pulled off a couple of missions during my session today. I don’t know how a level 5 psycho can get paired up with a level 38 gunzerker but it happened. I’m not doing the heavy lifting for anybody and I’m also kicking those people out of my game when they drop in. This behavior needs to stop. NOW. My PSN ID is Davez_666. I play at weird hours because I work graveyards but catch me if you can.

@daveberrypro This is Xb1 not ps4 blud.

add me up gt SHOOTER P new as well online often

Long time BL2 player also weird hour but online often add me if you would like GT= Spaztichuskey