Looking for OP 6 gear

I’m trying to get my commando to OP 8, currently OP 6, and was wondering if anyone had a sham, norfleet, unkempt harold, and a shock/corrosive sand hawk they’d be willing to give me. I’m available any time just add me on PSN: emptyblade68

I have a Norfleet. That i’m willing to give away.


Just realized i have a The Sham also. I will also give that to you. If you noticed how i was on PSN today i just added everyone and left so don’t feel left behind. :wink: But what level do you want it in?

Overpower level 6 would be awesome

Okay great because that’s what i thought, i’ll trade with you tomorrow. But i will post when i’m getting online about 15-30 minutes before i actually get online.