Looking for op 8 3.4 second reload speed norfleets

I have lots of op 8 gear to trade.

Fire and light

Arranging to dupe is against the forum rules, I suggest refraining from making insinuations that would lead one to believe you are offering to do so even if you aren’t.
If you opt to dupe that is your business but not here or at least keep it to pm.
You’re only allowed 1 account/profile and if it’s banned then it is permanent unless you can convince them it was done so wrongly.

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I wink wink at the end of all my sentences. Wink wink

If true then it’s unfortunate that duping and the arranging of duping isn’t allowed here given that such a remark is more often than not associated with deviousness. I apologize for sounding rude if I did to you but unfortunately a lot of people seem to not read or care about the rules here or at least the one about duping so most posts/topics that seem to be about duping tend to get locked and warnings/infractions given to those in it and personally I’d rather have those that might or are breaking that rule change up their post (like you did) so they don’t get banned.

If you still wish have most/all of your posts have “Wink wink” you could add it to your title and I sincerely hope that you continue to stay here.