Looking for OP 8 Conference Call. Can Give OP8 Legendaries in Return

I need an OP 8 conference call. I can give some OP 8 legendaries such as sham or unkempt harold in return.

PSN : wildcat2084

Conference call is horrible now. I’m curious as to why you want it.

Maybe he just likes to collect all legendaries. I still do the same , even if the legendary sucks I still want one for my vault.

Do either of you have an op 8 interfacer or conference call youd be willing to trade?

I would if I did. Working towards OP 8 now. Currently OP 6, if I get one–it’s yours for trade.

Still trying to get both as well

The CC is still very much one of THE top shotguns in the game. Works just fine in OP8 and is very powerful, especially in the hands of anarchy gaige. As in, solo raid boss viable with the right build.

Just because GBX balanced the Bee to how its meant to work doesnt all of a sudden make the CC worthless, as many seem to think. Its a great shotgun- its no Interfacer for sure, but what other SG is?

I have one im after lv 72 legendaries tho not op8
But my conference call is op8

If you’re still looking I have this one I’m willing to part with if you help me level up.

Right now I have a level 54.5 Kreig I’d like to get to 61 so I can use some of the better guns I have. I have an 8% Moxxi’s Endowment to help out a little.

I’m available nights, Eastern Time. My PSN is Fuzzypaws.

No Duping.

Sent you a friend request, have an interfacer and a couple of cc´s for you.