Looking for OP flying sandhawks op7 and under

So sick of dying in peak at OP7 with my Lvl 72 sandhawks but too lazy to reset playthru when I’m sooo close to OP8 and a fresh max level PT.
I’ve gotten pretty far with this under leveled gear and an on level bee and I’m good but I think I’m out matched at this point.
I will take any sandhawks you’ve got to increase my base dmg. Preferably “flying” obviously. But not picky.
I’ve lots to trade
Pearls (72)
OP level legendaries (OP0-OP7)
Lyuda (fire,corrosive, shock (gromky OP7)
Class mods
Just ask.

Can I trade but not with sand hawk like you give me pearls and I give you more than one

I have lots of unwanted leveL 61!pearls I can give you three pearls for 1 op 7 pearls

So can yousend me a friend request my pan is Alilami04 My level 61 unwanted pearls and we can trade Your level op 1-7 plzz I need the, for my other acount

Only pearl I have that isn’t 72 is a storm that’s OP3? Can’t remember exactly the level.

Ok Sure I can still trade

I can still trade so can you add me or I add you

I have other level 61 legendaries like the norfleet and the conference call

I am happy for you to trade me your op 7 or 6 weapons for my other commando