Looking for Op10 Twister

Just wondering if anyone is willing to trade an Op10 RustlersTwister

I have :
-all the effervescent weapons on op10
-all Elemental sand hawks op10
-Rustlers Hydra and Orphan Marker op10
-All BOTA artifacts
-and much more

Hey there! Just got my Op10 twister today. I could help you out, if you’re still in need. It’s not rustlers prefix, and it does not have perfect parts, but still.

Is there anything else you’re looking for? I have been farming a lot lately, and have some great items.

I might need at least some of the effervecent items and the Hydra. I have time to do the trade this weekend, or next week.

Hey, I don’t need the twister anymore but thank you for your offer. But I am still willing to trade though.

I was wondering if you have:

  • op10 redundant fibbers
  • op10 practicable conference calls
  • or op10 chain lighting

If you have anything else interesting to trade just add me on psn, EternalParadise1

Great that you got your twister!

I don’t have any of those items. I have ricochet barrel fibbers except for the corrosive one, but not reduntant prefixes. Just took whatever prefix I got first. I’m sick of the dashboard farming.

My items rarely are perfect parted, or have the best prefix. I just usually take whatever comes first. I still have a lot of gear in op10, if you want something else, and don’t mind that they are not perfect.

i do not mind, I’ll take the fibbers. just add me whenever you wanna trade if that’s cool with you.

I will add you on saturday or sunday.


Sent you an invite now.

I also got the corrosive fibber and the chain lightning for you if you’re still interested.

My wishlist is here

Hard carry
Peak opener
Corrosive interfacer

If you have some or all of those for trade, it would be awesome

Can you send me an invite I added u
I have the peak opener, hydra, and a cheated interfaced from my friend if u do not mind