Looking for OP3 - OP8 shock Maliwan Plasma Casters / Bee Shield

I’m currently trying to get my siren through the op levels, but I’m having a hard time finding good shock plasma casters. A nice Bee would be sweet too. I’m at OP3 atm. I’d appreciate if someone could hook me up. My PSN is Mr_Treecko hit me up if you can help :slight_smile:

you’re on ps3? i’ve got stuff saved op1 - op7 just for running the peak. peak gives very useable drops for next level too. golden keys seem to give lots of plasma casters, too? send friend request if ps3, sure i have some stuff plus can run through w you if you want. psn id = bevross (mention forum so i remember)

Hey that would be sick dude! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

What’s your preferred brand, element and sight? I have a dedicated SMG mule at OP3. I also have fire and shock resistant Bee shields. I can give you that stuff when we meet up for the legendary cat mod. I have mostly Maliwan and Dahl SMGs, a few Tediores I think. I don’t like Hyperion plasma casters so I don’t have any of those. I do have an OP3 fire bitch though.