Looking for OP8 Baby Maker

Anyone have one to trade? I’ve got more OP8 guns and items then I know what to do with. So if there’s something you’re looking for, there’s a chance I’ve got it. Let me know on here or send me a Friend Request on PSN saying you’re from here.

PSN: A_Farewell_Fix


Can you share some love bro? …What conference calls do you have?..I was way into BL2 back on ps3 but got wrapped up in the Destiny crap since it came out last year, i am FINALLY getting out of Destiny and back into BL (THANK GOD) and need a boost! I have some descent stuff but have never gotten a conference call…I have a 63 Commando and a 40 Mechromancer I am working on now, most of my buddies are still stuck in Destiny so I dont realy have that many people to play and farm wit…anything good you can hook me up with?

Can you be more specific as to what you want? What prefix(es)? What element(s)?

@SilentAssasin425, he said he has a bunch of OP8 stuff, that’s not going to help your level 63 and 40 characters for quite a while.

my bad! Really anything level 50 to 72 …any element! I just need a conference call! Or anything worth while to be honest, Im not too familiar with everything the game has to offer, but I do have all the terra class mods and a couple lower leveled leech nades and bee sheilds! Im only 64 now but will be 72 very soon! I absolutetly love playing BL2 and I don’t have too many people too play with so im just looking for something to help me get through UVHM a little easier!..any help would be much appreciated!

It doesn’t really matter, I’ll take what can find

i have op8 baby maker, really only looking for the nurse class mod tho. ill take a sham, or norfleet lvl 72-op5 if you have though.

msg me on psn - aoxsteve