Looking for op8 barking snider fire and corrosive

Please message me on xbox if you have

I would suggest a gentlemen’s snider for higher crit damage. If you go for the Volcano (Legendary snider) you want the Barking prefix because it has lower crit damage. I would also suggest Aquamarine Sniders. You can get them from feeding Buttstallion in the Dragon Keep DLC

The higher base damage out specs the gentelman’s because the higher base damage increases critical damage too man of low moral fiber talked about it in a vido
I know how to get the snideas but their super rare

Gt: pro50cal sniper

I need farm some up soon then (with similar parts) and I’ll do a little test.

I was farming for a couple hours one with my two buddy’s on buttstalion but not a single one

Yeah, sadly because they are not uniques they don’t have a set drop location but I can try to find some.

Just got a barking Corrosive with a Dahl barrel