Looking for OP8 Bone of the Ancients and Fire Lead Storm

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a max stat OP8 fire bone of the ancients and an OP8 fire swift lead storm with all vladof parts. Ive been farming for days and I’m starting to go crazy, so any help would be appreciated!

I’ve got OP8 fire, shock and corrosive flying sandhawks and OP8 grog nozzles to trade.

My gamertag is ChengX8

I have a vladof grip dhal stock ferocious fire one, interested?
I am looking for a refill tediore corrosive.plasma caster, but if you.don’t have it isn’t a problem

Sure, I’m interested. Unfortunately, I don’t have any plasma casters though. Anything else you’re looking for?

Tediore grip texas striker ( lv doesnt matter )
All Bandit parts Blockade
All Dahl parts Blockade xD
Juicy Ravager matching grip
Royal Omen Corrosive Tediore/Jakobs grip
Longbow slag O-Negative shortest fuse (1,8 right? )

I can try to farm for the striker if you want? Unfortunately I don’t have anything you’re looking for at the moment

No problem mate

Hey man, you still looking for a juicy ravager with a matching grip? I happened to find a purple rarity one with tongue grip and tongue stock at OP8

I would love to have it xD just let me.know when you will be online

I’m online now if you can get on? If not, I’ll be on for a while, so just hit me up whenever you’re on. My gamertag is ChengX8

Shoot me a message on xbox live when you’re on and I’ll try to get on

I assume we have a huge time gap xD now for me it’s 11am