Looking for OP8 friends

Every time I search games on matchmaking it’s with OP0 players so even with 4 players it’s not terribly challenging. If you ever want to join me you can add me @ sasuke_yes. (I know it’s weird, but I was starting to get bored with my old Steam name lol)

Sniper Zer0
Melee Zer0
Nurse Maya
Blurred Trickster Maya
Sal (raids only)
Shock Gaige (not used as much)

I do also have a lv40 Siren that I’m trying to bring up if anyone wants to do TVHM. I might also be starting a fresh run soon if someone wants to do that. (OP8 or from Normal)

I don’t play too often anymore because of summer classes but I’ll accept anyone that adds me and if you ever see me online feel free to come through. I’m from New Jersey so mind your time zones.

Hoping to meet a lot of you!

My steam is xmngr
Msg me if want to play

hey do u think u could pwr lvl me my steam is rapidvan or rapidvan1

I can help, add me if you want: Osidle (Steam)