Looking for OP8 Interfacers

Got my Gunzerker to 72, looking for OP8 interfacers to use whenever I hit OP8. Never had any because they’re useless to my assassin, any other good OP8 Gunzerker items would be appreciated as well.

Just send a message to my GT: DESTR0YERV2 and I’ll get back to you.

Bump, gotta get back to the top. XD

I’m down to help you out. I can give you some OP8 interfacers. I have quite a bit of them on mules. Farmed Vorac for quite a while. :smile: I can also help you with the peak, if you wanna trudge thru it? I may even have help with friends to join in your endeavor.

GT: Kurtdawg13
xb1. just send me a msg and I’ll hit you up when I get home tonight.

I’m down if it’s on Saturday or after 5pm PST

See what I mean?! Help has arrived! Nice… :blush: