Looking for op8 legit coop

Me and the gf have reached op 8 but seems everyone is using duplicated weapons and destroying the game, if any1 is legit and up for some farming / legitimate gameplay please reply or add captain bumwart on ur xbox :slight_smile:

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always up for some Farming/Gameplay. more info about me in the post below yours, will note that I play in the Eastern Standard Time zone and that you might add your time zone to your post, that can be a big help for players looking for players in their own time zones or even arranging times that they can be online at the same time

What do you mean duplicated weapons?

Add gt VSAT x RaptorZz

People keep using some way of duplicating weapons or messaging me to duplicate them weapons I have no idea how it’s done and feel it kinda makes the game pointless if you do it anyway, where’s the fun in having all the most powerful guns cos then you can’t do anything…

And I live in England and it’s currently 1130am sorry I don’t understand time zones lol

Add me.
GT: Mr cantgetr1ght

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I can never understand why people want to get boosted to 72/OP8 and then ask for weapon duplicates.
Like, do you just want everything handed to you? Do you not want to work for your level or gear? Isn’t the whole point of the game leveling up your character while trying out different skill builds and trying as many different weapons the game offers? Where is the fun in just letting someone else do everything for you?

for me that means that I am 5 Hours behind you (US, EST) my normal time on the xbox would be about 2am to 5am your time. Have played the game with several from that section of the world (even Australia which is a 12 HR diff))

as for this I do one of 2 things

  1. ignore them, they persit in the messages just block them
  2. just say NO and if they cant understand that, Block them

also, FYI that talk is frowned on in this forum, so might want to cut it down now before it gets out of control and a mod comes in and decides it’s went to far

I do power level people, some do want everything handed to them. Some feel a little underleveled and want a 2 to 6 level boost, some will boost to 25 - 30 play the game come back and repeat (40 - 50) and so on.

as for Gear if I have Duplicates (Note in this case “Duplicates” means extras as I also Farm a lot and its nothing for me to have 3 or 4 of the exact same Item) of something, then I will give them one or two items to help them through the game till they farm for their own or in some cases take them on a few farming runs in my game at the appropriate level

Now that I think about it, some weapon duplicates I can understand. Items like the Twister, Norfleet, DPUKH can be very tedious to get. But when people ask for a Sandhawk or Bee for example. It’s like they don’t even try because those items are so easy to get.

Like I said, I can never understand why people want to get boosted, even in that situation. If you are underleveled, are side missions completely out of the question? I’ve gotten everyone except for Sal to 72 legit so I have experienced those underleveled situations myself. A simple break from main missions to do side missions will help instead of trying to find someone to power level you.

Any and all duplication is considered cheating. A significantly rarer weapon dosnt justify doing it. Nor will that be debated here on the forums. All duping is prohibited.

So lets move on from that discussion, shall we.

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