Looking for OP8 Logan's Gun

Looking to trade for an OP8 Logan’s Gun. After extensive farming I’ve come to accept that RNG is not on my side for this one. Let me know what your looking for and maybe we can trade.

Ive got multiple OP8 Logans guns. PSN: Mini_Holmesy

Dont need anything in return

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll be on in a few minutes. I’ll send you a PSN message.

Please don’t take offense to my question. But why? Why are you looking for an OP8 Logans Gun? and for what Char is it for?

Edit: sorry for the necro

Maybe he just really love his rockets being extra leveled? :stuck_out_tongue:

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cracking me up over here. lol

I am truly curious. Either, the OP is misinformed, or maybe I am misinformed. I think the Logans gun is a gimmick that doesn’t really hold up at end game, especially op8. so, I just want to know why? maybe there is something to it i am unaware of. maybe the op is a collector, and I can totally understand that. But if it’s for rocket regen, then I need to show the op a better way. :wink:

I only used one briefly years ago after Wilhelm dropped it (I think that’s the drop?), it was in NVHM and it just seemed pointless. I may be wrong, maybe it’s one of those weapons that has a niche use that makes it great, usually involving Gaige if that’s the case?

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This is part of my point. I am very curious. Been playing since release date. still finding out new synergies and broken mechanics.

Maybe its really good on Axton or Krieg with their explosive buffs. for example: Shoot off couple of rounds from the Logans gun. Swap to an ahab, and have the explosive effect take the ahab damage? never thought of that till just now. lol

Well I know a Mexican midget who might be able to test that for you :wink:

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So, you’re hispanic? and short?
you little Salvador you. :blush:

Shhhhh! I’m keeping it secret!

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A " bored at work" VH lurking at two others having a witty discussion on an old post…HELP!:disappointed:


im pretty sure i ended up dropping him a level 17 logans gun instead. If not im not too sure where my logans gun went :open_mouth:

then its as i presumed. lol thanks for replying. :slight_smile:

@Sun_Tsunami you just cracked me up with your post. lol :joy: