Looking for OP8 Morningstar

I’m looking for a OP8 Morningstar. I have a lot to trade.

GT: StaticalMoss291

I’m like 95% sure I have one. I’ll be on in a couple of hours

Nice! I’m getting tacos and I’ll be on around 930pm pacific standard time

Awesome, I’m on my way home

Message me what stuff you’re looking for too

Bump still looking for an OP8 Morningstar

I added you the other day but I don’t think you were online. I still have one if you want it.

Nice! Thanks! I’ll be on in 2 hours. I just fixed my Xbox one firewall connection so it should work

Cool sounds good

Going on now. My GT is StaticalMoss291

What’s your GT? I didn’t receive any new message or friend request

You’re on my friends list, it’s Powerslave