Looking for OP8 Muckamuck

So, I’ve recently reset Maya in UVHM, and thought I might like to to try sniping again in BL2. But I really don’t like any of the game’s Legendary/Unique snipers. So if I’m giving sniping one last chance, then I want a really good non unique.

So, I’m looking for a purple Skookum Muckamuck, with a Jakobs grip and Dahl stock. I might accept Tumtum if the gun is otherwise perfect.

As for what I might trade, honestly, I have far too much to try and list. If you have the sniper rifle I’m looking for, just name something or things you’re after. Everything I have is OP8, save a few relics and COMs.

GT: Bun Bun299

Sorry no MuckaMuck here. but I have 60 OP8 other snipers if interested?