Looking for op8 perfect/iron sight slag rubi any prefix (elegant preferred)

gt is x8u11375p0n63x or reply here

I have lots to trade, so please inquire!

Grogg nozzle b better bud

I have a rubi if you’re still interested

I asked for a rubi, not your opinion.

yep, still interested. thank you for replying

Well i had to rubis and grogg nozzle but if u dont wont them i dont care

yea, not interested. move along, good ol’ chum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gd for u :smile::smile:

still looking! maliwan grip, slag, and preferrably with a stock (elegant prefix).

I sent you a message on Xbox. It has the surfeit prefix (magazine size) everything else is perfect

excellent, brt

the slag rubi isn’t good. use a slag weapon and combinate it with the shock rubi.