Looking for op8 rustlers orphan maker x1

Msg me on xbox if you have it, it would be much appreciated

What is your gamertag? Pro50calsniper21 is too many characters to even be a gamertag. I have an op8 rustler’s orphan maker with a bandit grip and torgue stock if you want it (haven’t been able to get a better one yet)

Gt: metallicaNLC

I got one alreday buy I don’t know how could mone actually is so message mr anyway so I can compare
Gt: pro50cal sniper

Well i don’t know if you can tell but if yours has a jakobs grip it’s better. http://imgur.com/gallery/8xsH0 Here’s weapon parts if you want to check. A perfect orphan maker is rustler’s with jakobs grip and hyperion stock

Is that your gt on xbox?

metallicaNLC is my gamertag yes, should I get online and be prepared for an invite or message?