Looking for OP8 shock and corrosive Bitch

Looking for OP8:
bitch (shock and corrosive)

I have a lot of things to trade
GT: StaticalMoss291

I’ve got the shock and corrosive OP8 sandhawks.
Do you have a OP8 love thumper?

I don’t but I’m pretty sure I have the mission still available. I’m at work but afterwards, I’ll check and get it.

Should have asked…I’m on xbox 1. You?

Still on 360 but I’m getting the Handsome collection for my xbox1. Can we not play together?

I assumed no but not sure. I never actually asked anyone what system they were on while in multiplayer.

sorry i went out of town. i have the mission available but it looks like I’ve already activated it so the shield will probably be lvl 72 or so. I plan on resetting/replaying the game on xbox1 soon since I recently got to OP8. I can message you and you can have the shield when I beat the mission.

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