Looking for Op8 Slag Interfacer

Can any kind one help me out with that (prefix “Practicable” at its best), and let me know what do you want in return :slight_smile: Thanks for reading my post! Psn: orange_teacher.

Do you have a norfleet by any chance?

Op8 and either shock or slag

I got all 4 Norfleets but I cannot play the game right now, see you online later :slightly_smiling:

Hey it’s been a while since we’re on at opposite times, but I believe I have a slag Practicable, so if you want it, it’s yours.

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Okay. I still have to get one

Your Interfacer I mean

Thanks @jhunter922 so much! Never forget the lv 72 Legendary Cat mod you did give me about 5 months ago :slightly_smiling:

I will still help you. I have more than one Op8 Shock Norfleet :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks! Do you want anything in return?

Is there any chance you have an Op8 Practicable Shock CC shotgun, or an Op8 God Finger? Maybe Im asking too much, since the God Finger is very rare I think. That one is the last kind of the pearls guns I dont have yet. I can give you more Norfleets for the God Finger :slightly_smiling:

Think I might have an op8 shock cc. Don’t know if practicibla or not. Will check now though

“Practicable” or not, the Norfleet will be yours anyway. See you :slightly_smiling:

Yeah mine is social. I’ll see if I can get you a godfinger. I’ll message you my psn and when I’ll be on

That is fine! See you, I cannot play the game now…

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