Looking for OP8 Specific Gear - Help - PS4

3 SandHawks (Fire Shock Corrode)
3 Ancient Relics (That give bonus damage for Fire, Shock and Corrode)
1 Norfleet (Shock)
1 Legendary Cat Class Mod
1 Magic Missle
1 Bee

(Will Trade other items aswell)

Hey dude, I can sort you out with all items apart from the Norfleet and
CM, also Bees in all elements, which did you need?

I’ll be on from 3pm GMT today.

PSN dogstar13

@anon27689625 It’s already done dude :grinning: I was up early this morning unlike some :joy:

Actually edit, the cm I didn’t have as I don’t use,

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Nuff said.

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I can give you the CM. PSN: Sun_TsuNami


Oh yes condiment coniseour

Thanks @rockshox00 for the stuff it helps alot.


@anon27689625 @rockshox00 @Sun_Tsunami (and @HalfCatJerry for that matter), what are y’all still doing on Pandora?

Come to Solus with the rest of us! Blood, sweat, tears and salad cream zing galore!!! :boom::boom::boom:

Signed, The Master Of Montana :crown::dukestar::crown:

It’s a long way from Pandora, but seriously I played the beta and hated it sorry, I gave it a go with kenzie but not my thing. We will meet again on Pandora.

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Same here. Gave it a try, but Borderlands is it for me.


Hey Z, I really wanted to like it but after playing the beta I just found it a bit
ho hum. I think the game that will break my Borderlands 2 addiction will
be…Borderlands 3! lol


Didn’t try it, couldn’t find the Way! Pandora is tooooooo big😋