Looking for OP8 two-fer maggie & grog nozzle

I have some pearls and legendarys to trade—just ask. Any help would be much appreciated.

GT: Nikki Scheol

And a grog nozzle…if that’s even possible.

i got a grog at op8

cool, I’m around

alright ill send you a message when im on next, tomorrow sometime in the evening eastern time

Thanks to civic for the grog! Anyone around with a maggie today? I have a few decent trades if you’re looking for something.

I’m also good at washing cars and painting houses—right up until the time I get high off the paint.

Hey could I mabey get that grogg?

Excuse me? How dare you imply that I should subvert the fine and honorable
rules of the Official Gearbox Forum by duplicating a non-sanctioned
weapon, in order to satiate your selfish pursuits. What is your
gamertag? I shall meet you online to reprimand you for your dubious

EVO Escalibur lol