Looking for oranges

My wife and I have been playing for the last 6 hours trying to find some equipment and not 1 legendary on UVHM. Took out the Invincible 3 times, grinded up 15 keys worth of purple guns (each), took out Irwajira 5 times, and not even 1 from a vendor. Anybody have suggestions to find some oranges?

Do more a typical drop rate for borderlands legendary gear from a specific source is 1 in 30, other than the grinder your tries were just too small.

unfortunately, it’s as Derch says, just keep repeating the runs, the drop rate is 1 in 30 (meaning 1 in 30 on each kill). I have gotten a few (3) from drops , but the majority of mine has come from the machines

if its 50s or 60s , sign up for my giveaway tonight.


don’t waste your time grinding 3 purples in hopes of a legendary. it will take hours. farm bosses over and over.

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