Looking for Orphan Maker for Deputy Sal build

Hello guys, so i spent about 10 or so hours yesterday trying to get a Rustler’s Orphan Maker with a 3 magazine and i only saw rustler’s twice and the magazines were 2… so im getting pretty frustrated. If anyone is able to help me with getting a Op level 2-4 one or even a level 72 one, that would be greatly appreciated. I also am in need of the blue chaotic evil mod with +6 moneyshot as well as the true neutral one for the pimpernel build. So far I have been only able to get the purple versions but those only provide +5 moneyshot.

Edit: Literally 20+ minutes after posting, i finally got a mag 3 rustler’s!! I cannot explain how happy I am, literally 10+ hours of constantly trying to get this weapon drove me quite mad! I still require the blue chaotic evil and true neutral class mods! And also, if anyone has a spare grog nozzle from the event that would be appreciated too!

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Welcome brother. This is the PS3 section, PS4 is under the Handsome collection here.


As for the Monk com, I use a purple one but I run a Brawn heavy Deputy variant. +5 to $shot is plenty for most applications, I can flatten even raid bosses with my setup. But if you post in the Handsome Collection PS4 section someone can probably sort you out for both of those. I do have an OP4 ROM with an appropriate mag size, but I’m on PS3. If you can sort that out with the cross save function I’ll hook you up with that.

Edit: I see you found your way there on your own. Good show chap. :grin:


Yeah I realized there was a ps4 section after I already posted haha, my bad about that! And I’m sure +5 is good enough too, it’s plenty strong xD and I do not have a ps3 anymore so sadly I cannot do that, but I appreciated the offer to help trust me. Thank you for your time!

Edit: Yeah I found it weird that there was only a ps3 section so i investigated lmao. The thing was that whenever I looked up information on characters and builds, it was always in this section of the forums, so I never realized there was a separate forum for the handsome collection.

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The dedicated BL2 section is the ideal spot for questions about the game because that’s where all of us hopeless BL2 fiends congregate, but it you’re looking for trades and/or coop the Handsome Collection is the place to be. You know about the parts you need for the ROM I assume. If you do feel the need to settle I believe you can use a Jakobs Allegiance relic with + mag size as long as it’s a 50% or greater bonus.

Edit: I’m going to go ahead and ping @VaultHunter101, or another friendly neighborhood moderator that sees this, to close this thread because it’s redundant. But you can always visit us on the BL2 side for maximum foruming pleasure. I like “the What did you do in your latest session” thread, and am always looking for more people to post there because it’s the bestest reading material this side of Off Topic.


I just type what im looking for in google and there are already posts with massive amounts of information that I’ve checked out extensively haha! So far I have not needed to post any questions as I usually find the answers sifting through replies and posts. But yeah I noticed the posts are in the BL2 section. And yes I apologize again for posting here instead of the other section. I believe that relic will not apply to my offhand so I had to get one with a magazine size of 3. Funny thing is… I just finally got one from the quest! I literally have no words for the immense satisfaction im feeling now after spending so much time trying!!


No need for apologies. I’m just trying to be helpful.

To be honest I don’t remember the context it was being discussed in, but there was definitely discussion about it here. Maybe the deputy sal or Striker Sal build thread?

Good on you!!! :beers:
Myself and several others feel your pain. When I farmed for my forever ROM at OP8 (although to be fair the OP4 was still killing things then) it felt like I was dashboarding forever. Of course, I actually didn’t take a couple because they had scopes, but that’s just me being pickier than I usually am. But the real nasty dashboard farm is the Sandhawk. Element, stock, prefix, it’s definitely the farm that seems most dreaded around here.

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Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na WELCOME!

Moved your thread and closed the duplicate one. You’ll find lots of information about how the forum platform works here: NEW FORUM BASICS which should help you find your way around. If you get stuck, just run a flag up and use the “Other” option to request assistance. Alfred will happily help you out!


There is no way in hell I’d pass on one of them because of a scope lmaooo it’s too much heartache! and yeahh that too is a pain, my friend got a flying fire one for now and that took him over 2 hours to get

I found that info from the Deputy himself I believe actually! And i googled around and it seems to be the same consensus


I know it seems silly, but it’s so much easier aiming without a Tediore TV on top of your piece. I’m not very picky, for example I only look for elements on Sandhawks when I strap in for that one, but scopes on shotguns just feel ridiculous to me. :grin:

Matching grip will always have a magazine size of 3, are you still looking for one? I skimmed over the last few comments, because I’m lazy :joy:


I mean, with the deputy sal build, you’re not really going to be aiming down sights with it, since the whole point is to use it in gunzerk mode :stuck_out_tongue: so luckily the sights do not matter in this case! And ahh I gotcha, yeah it depends for me I guess. But for the ROM it literally needs to be rustler’s with 3 mag or it just doesn’t work.

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Very true. Although you can use any Jakobs shotgun with an appropriate mag size to great effect. I used coach guns until I was ready for the dashboard relay.


Either matching grip or the bandit grip gives it the 3 mag size, the problem is making it show up! T_T but luckily I did finally get one from the quest! it took literally forever… if you happen to have the class mods I still need those! I am also looking for a grog nozzle from the event, level doesnt matter on that I just need it for the healing and slag.

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What level do you need? I have a couple of spares at OP8 I think

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Also very true, I just really wanted this one and I was so invested into getting it already haha! But yeah any jakobs shotty can do crazy damage with this build!

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I’m only level OP2 at the moment so anything at that level or lower D:

I’d love to try it with the Moonface

Isn’t moonface in the pre-sequel? I just looked it up since I didn’t recognize the name and I don’t play that one xD

Do you still have a spare Op8 ROM if so message me at xTYK_Glides on ps4