Looking for other adults to play with on Xbone

Looking for individuals 21+ w/ mic to play with in either of the games. Currently working on both Wilhelm and Mech characters in TVHM, still a good distance from hitting cap. GT - Victim 057

well probably be playing tvhm on presequel tonight me and my buddy are both 50 gt is bigbillftw send me a message if you see me online

I need to start tps can i join with my low level character

im on TVHM on bl2 im lvl 36-40 siren on assault on the train

Me to I’m desperate for a comrade on borderlands pre sequel

feel free to add me GT= mikesavelkoul
I’m 21++ and do have a mic and USE it!

all my characters are lvl70 but all i play is presequel im 28
gt is PHXlove2009

i also dont care what lvl u are i dont mind lower lvls mobbing around with me for extra xp more challenge for me but dont bother if ur a lil kid sorry

Message for everyone Anyone looking for Teammates in both games do have Mic! currently on TPS haven’t started BL2 yet always down for a Fresh start anyways Add me up guy’s Gt’s DemonBerserker Thxs

I’ve been looking for players as well! I have a level 20, 30, 61, 72, and OP8. BL2 is my main game but I’d love players to play BLTPS as well.

Feel free to add me!

GT: Dopamiiine

I’m always up for Co-Op. I have an OP8 Siren and a level 21 Siren. Just started TPS, so I’m only at 9…looking for somone to play through the game with.

GT: ShawnE94SL

Ill join u bud

Time zone=EST

Hey all,

Another old fart here(52) if you want to add me on the xbox one. I just started a new siren and am at level 10 but I did import my level 50ish characters from the xbox 360.

I turned 21 yesterday… Lol. Im a 47 on PreSequal. I need help with the story. Im exploring the eridian structure now. I just can’t beat all the Legion enemy’s… They are 49-51 and I just can’t kill them…

GT: Mr Zaane