Looking for other players to co-op with (PS4)

Hello all,

I am looking for players to play Borderlands 3 cooperatively. I have a week off to play the game EXCESSIVELY on release date. Looking for users with a mic and preferably in the same time zone.

PSN I.D. - BradWalksHD - Please send a FR with a message so I know what the FR is for.

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Add me if you like, I won’t be on til tonight though. Psn: Lost-Sock-

If the Cornwall you’re from is the one near Devon, we’re in the same time zone, I’m in Yorkshire. And I have mics, and I’ve got all next week off too (kinda, starting Uni but it’s all short inductions and stuff)

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Im on the West Coast and I play usually after 9pm and Im also lookingfor peopleto play with. “MrHayven” PS4

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PSN: OneOllyBoi
Timezone: BST (GMT+1)

Also have all week off so will be dipping into co-op on and off throughout the week, feel free to add!

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Same timezone from Yorkshire djpixc just message me from forum so I know

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let’s make some mayhem

Add me, Lost-Sock-

Or I’ll join up when I get home.

I need help beating the Katagawa Ball if anyone is willing to help out add me kleyerzapf6 Thank you!!

PSN same as my I’d here …

UK time table … Tend to play 11pm till 1am weekdays … Weekends I can play almost anytime as long as I’m kid free and have nothing planned