Looking for others to enjoy game with

I’m looking for people to play battleborn with when it’s released. I have a mic and am a casual gamer. I plan to play a lot of both story and pvp. I’ll be online fairly regularly and would enjoy having a group of easy going people to go into it with as opposed to randoms who probably won’t even use a mic. My gamertag is FatGuy21 feel free to add me/message me.


Don’t worry dude you’re not alone. I’ll add u lol. The hype is real and next week is approaching. Hope to see you around. My GT is SULPHUR G3.

@fatlord21 Yeah I’m a fat lord too hence my gamertag Matured Manager.
I’ll try to add you now.

@fatlord21 Your added. Can you please add me now Matured Manager

GT = xX Mad Maze Xx
31 cst play everyday

Hey guys, if you are looking for anyone else to play with feel free to add me (GT: LaMuerteBlanca)

I’m just another regular mic user, who can’t stand the silence of random lobbies haha