Looking for partner in crime to play BL3 and talk on discord where you are from dosent matter

so i just brought BL3 standard edition( will by season pass later on) and dont have any friends would love to play BL3 iam a male 34 yrs old living in sweden iam very nice to everyone and like to make friends and talk while gaming so the only requiment i need you to have is that your are willing to voice and that you have discord :slight_smile: ope somone is seeing this post and would love to play iam mainly up 24/7 so timezones arent a problem will leave my discord and my epic here under :slight_smile:
PS iam not looking for any groups or so and not looking to play wiht to mutch peapole want it to be simple and fun to play as well as farm ect :slight_smile: /Zante


heey falloutkiller,

I got a mature community that is focussed on borderlands 3. that we try to expand with a lot of people always online. if u are interest maybe. add me on discord