Looking for PC players for takedown

Matchmaking is so broken, spent nearly all afternoon searching and only got 2 matches with only a team of 2 each time… so let’s do this the old fashion way.

Please feel free to add me and let’s get to it. I always share my bank to the benefit of the group

user: Stealthymoose25

Currently running an insanely fast zane build…
ISO Cutsmans annointed with STNL or Digiclone buffs and Artifacts with movement speed and SMG dmg buffs

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Have some stuff for u, add me
Epic ID: Bra2ha_

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Check mail :wink:

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I’ll add you both.

My primary goal is to get a Redistributor while the Takedown event is on.

It seems to me that Match Making isn’t working… I’ve been trying to get someone to do the Takedown with me on M1, and I’ve only managed to find someone twice. That is, on two separate occasions, I’ve found one person. If I hadn’t found them, I’d say I have a firewall issue.

If anyone wants to add me.

Epic Id: kevintheplumber

Little older, semi serious gamer lol.

Where’re u from, EU?

S.E. Louisiana
Cajun country :shrimp:

Although I’m European, and lag might kick in, you can Always add me if you want to run some raids or for whatever you are up to. Also some older gamer here :smiley: . Epic is Vin Blake.

Edit: mostly playing Amara or Zane, but I got all chars at 50.

add mee: aircooledcafe
added you guys, looking at doing malliwan takedown and loot hunting