Looking for Pearls

Anyone have any pearls for trade?

I got pearls. :blush:

Do you have any lilith COMS? specifically the Specter COM for her max stat with ammo regen? Been looking for that for quite sometime now. Or, do you have a perfect Wee Wee Booster shield(purple rarity, level 68)? that farm has burnt me out. had to take a break after about a month solid of farming Wee Wee stupid ass. :unamused:

I mainly play as a siren so I definitely have a couple good coms but I don’t think I have the Specter one… I saw another guy was looking for it so I’ll be on the lookout for the perfect with ammo regen when equipped. I’m camping but I’ll be on BL1 possible tonight, if not, definitely tomorrow. I don’t have the Wee Wee Booster but I’ll farm the heck out of him and give you my findings. Glad to see there are some peeps playing still. BL2 is great but I love the dark/alone feel of BL1 with the desolate color schemes

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well put and me as well. love the graphics and feel of the original. to sum it up in a word as to compared to BL2 and TPS. The original seems more “raw” which I appreciated.