Looking for people 17+ to play Borderlands with

I don’t have any friends who play Borderlands on XB1, so I’m turning to the forums. I have Borderlands 1: GOTY and the Handsome Collection. I have low level characters across all of them, but I can start fresh if we need to. If I’m going to have more than 1 person in the group, I want to make sure we can all get along with each other because I can’t stand it when friends argue. I’m online from around 10:00 a.m EST until around 11:00 p.m EST. My GT is Sandman 81 CD so add me or message me and we’ll get together. Also, PLEASE have a mic, as communication is key.

I, always on borderlands but from UK. I have Commando OP8, Mech OP2 at minute but wanting to start with siren and gunserker, but i cant do with playinig with screaming 10 year old kids so looking for older players also.

GT: o Gunners o

Message me or add me when you want to play or something and we’ll team up:)

Let’s play TacticalChingon

I’d be down to play. I have a lvl 50 krieg, just message me when you wanna play. Gt is TallMarcus Lou

I’m also looking for people to play with.
I’ve got multiple characters across BL2 as wel as the TPS.

Gamer tag- PuRAwEsOmEsAUcE