Looking for people for guardian of the vault raid on norm

im tired of doing raids with randoms and get f***ing kicked once we beat it. I wasted time and effort to help their sorry asses anyways. Put GT on here if not add me IsaiahtheJew is my gt I work nights so to all night owls

I’ll be on most nights im a uk player gt Dmghealer1 I’ll be on tomorrow night for sure if I’m not on tonight mate, Got mic aswell

Can I join in? I’m on most evenings but rarely during the day? My gt is WeeMaN 480 add me

I’ll be on at 7:30 till 9:30 tonight till my gf come round and takes it off me lol oh yeah I forgot to mention im on normal mode haven’t done other mode yet

I’m only level 23 I have the mission I just haven’t done it yet. I have a mic if you’re interested I play doppelgänger GT thenightraider1

I’m at central time so I won’t be off till like 2230 tonight.

I’m level 40 I wouldn’t mind helping you, add me on Xbox my Gamertag is Ferocious. I’ll be on most of the Day and also all night probably.