Looking for people lvl 54-58 to fight raid DLC bosses with in UVHM

I’m a lvl 54 Maya, and I have a mic.

im a level 56 axton I could use the xp and some better weapons ill join u if u want , but which bosses… I don’t have the headhunter dlc yet but can get them if need be . i don’t have a mic yet

I am a 58 zero i have a mic but what boss btw gt is Ruthl3ss Raid3r

Any boss - I’ve only fought Pyro Pete 'cause he’s the only one I can solo. So I’m down to do him, or any of the other DLC campaign bosses. GT is ColllinisBallln, hmu whenever you’re on

Ill add you man me can do pyro on uvhm

sounds good!

All right!

Sorry on that other post I wasn’t meant to say me I meant we.